E.A.T - Evolution, Aesthetics, Technology


E.A.T is an anthropocentric study that interrogates the act of eating as a recombinatorial of our progressing evolution, aesthetics and technology. It employs design research as a tool to explore the fundamental relationships between humans and eating tools.

By studying the spoon — an archetypal tool that has assimilated well into our lives — E.A.T tries to unravel ideas of preconditioning by engaging in a speculative study of the future form and functionality of the utensil through the aesthetic capacities of design.


Experimenting with a presumed shape of the spoon, E.A.T uses discomfort as a notion to repurpose the utilitarian tool with regard to structure, usability and placement.
Working with a malleable substance like clay — a substance that allows for playful, haptic and pleasurable exploration — assists in an ancillary discourse further into matter versus material value.