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Wild Wild Garlic


These illustrations are a fun exploration I did for a collaborative work of writing that was recently featured on Eyesore Magazine's Quarantine Space initiative.

In this current climate of stagnation, it often feels like everything is standing still. While this gives us time to reflect, it also makes us yearn for those we love and the things we love doing with them.


Through this collaborative piece, we (Ilaria and I) look back as friends, to a meal we shared together last year, and how a single ingredient from that dish brought those memories flooding back to us. 


Therefore, the format of the work starts with 2 diary entries dated a year apart, followed by a recipe to the dish we shared. For us, food has helped us stay rooted against the cruel onslaught of endless time. 


To share some context into this joint work - Ilaria and I are old friends. We met when we worked on a group cookbook project together – I was on the core design team, and she was the chef at a local cafe, providing the recipes for the book. Our friendship has grown since, and we have spent most of our time together, eating!


You can download the recipe here, and check our feature out here. 

pasta bowl_with pattern.png
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