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A Line Which Forms A Volume #2

(2018)  ISSN: 2515–9801

‘A Line Which Forms A Volume’ is an annual critical reader and symposium of graphic design-led research which aims to activate design led enquiry within the wider scope of research and publishing, bringing together critical thinking and engagement in a sympathetic binary. I was selected as core team member for its second issue.

The theme for the second issue - ‘Networks in action’, acted upon a discursive relay – sustaining debate, enabling dialogue, and fostering active participation. It drove the core concept for this issue. Created specially for this issue, design elements like the glyph, were inspired by the idea of connectivity – as seen by how the structure of the glyph takes its form from the french accolade which mean to hold.

As a core team member, functioning as the Symposium Coordinator, I was responsible for organising the book launch and curating an accompanying symposium for the event.

My interview speaking with my team about the successful event can be accessed here.

This publication is available for viewing online. It is now also available for sale.
Please contact Mr. Paul Bailey to order copies.

Currently it is being stocked by Magculture (UK) and Draw Down BooksAlternatively it will soon also be stocked at Inga (Chicago) and The Library Project (Dublin)

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