Jaya Modi is a London-based graphic designer who works within the intersections of design-based theory and praxis, weaving multiple perspectives and mediums of engagement into her practice. 

A postgraduate from the University of Arts London, she has worked with a variety of design spaces and publications. She has experience across both collegiate and industry briefs across departments of curation, visual branding and community development with esteemed organisations like the Shawn Carter Foundation and the British Council.

Her creative process involves incorporating multi-disciplinary approaches to design enquiry and writing, focusing on evolutions in visual culture and communication. Continually contributing to to several online platforms and print publications such as Hole & Corner, The Earth Issue, The Preserve Journal, Hakara Journal, and more, she continues to build her skills in journalistic writing, copywriting and editing work.

Currently, she works as a Graphic Designer and Creative Assistant at Five Fifty Five; an independent transmedia company in London, and stays intrigued by experimental type, innovations with printed deliverables, and discursive notions of space and context in the fields of art and design.

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