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Jaya Modi is a London-based designer and writer working across fields of food, memory and design, weaving multiple perspectives and mediums of engagement into her practise.


A postgraduate from the University of Arts London, she has experience across both collegiate and industry briefs across departments of curation, visual branding and community development with esteemed organisations like the Shawn Carter Foundation, Hidden Women of Design, and the British Council. She has since worked with a variety of design spaces to foster a multi-disciplinary approach to design enquiry and writing, focusing on triangulations in memory, visual culture and imagination.


Continually contributing to several online platforms and print publications such as Hole & Corner, The Earth Issue, The Preserve Journal, Hakara Journal, and more, she continues to build her skills across journalistic writing, copywriting and editing work. Her previous experience as a Design Consultant at product design studio, Tiipoi, and as a Graphic Designer and Creative Assistant at Five Fifty Five, an independent transmedia company in London, has helped her sharpen her acumen across a varied spectrum of skills such as art direction and photography, production support, content research and development, product sales and strategy, and event coordination.

She has recently joined SevenCapital, under their Marketing expansion, as Junior Designer and works under their Head of Creative to help across branding, website design, regular editorial collaterals and more.

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