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British Council - Southern Africa Arts Programme


British Council through their Southern African Arts programme aims to create new relationships between artists, organisations and audiences to develop stronger creative sectors around the world. At the time, they were launching a new ‘cluster model’ that aimed to consolidate their existing groundwork across 8 countries, as one larger program. 

As a member of the creatives team, I was briefed with project-specific storytelling content, and instructed that the assets I create should display the scope of the British Council’s work – how they bring together artists from across Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the UK to develop their endeavours. I was given access to all their past photographic documentations of various events and workshops. 

I interpreted their brief graphically, keeping in mind the purpose of the project and its intended audience. I decided to work with a collage-inspired series of animations which they could use across their platforms. Using a combination of digitally developed brushes and cutouts, I developed a decoupage style, aiming to make ‘a scrapbook come alive.’ The resultant animations were very well received and were featured across their social media.

I thank Mutsa Marau for the opportunity to be a part of this prestigious team.

Please note – All imagery used is owned solely by British council.

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