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E.A.T - Evolution, Aesthetics, Technology


E.A.T is an anthropocentric study that interrogates the act of eating as a recombinatorial of our progressing evolution, aesthetics and technology. It employs design research as a tool to explore the fundamental relationships between humans and eating tools.

By studying the spoon — an archetypal tool that has assimilated well into our lives — E.A.T tries to unravel ideas of preconditioning by engaging in a speculative study of the future form and functionality of the utensil through the aesthetic capacities of design.


Experimenting with a presumed shape of the spoon, E.A.T uses discomfort as a notion to repurpose the utilitarian tool with regard to structure, usability and placement.
Working with a malleable substance like clay — a substance that allows for playful, haptic and pleasurable exploration — assists in an ancillary discourse further into matter versus material value.

Watch me talk about my project here,


E.A.T  spotlighted by LCC, UAL - Postgraduate Shows 2018.

E.A.T featured on LCC's Instagram, 2018.

E.A.T published in A Line Which Forms A Volume #2, 2018.

E.A.T as an editorial feature on Eve Leibe Gallery, London, 2019.

Salty Studio has been doing some intriguing work around experiential & sensorial design - explored through the mediums of food, graphics, design and technology. My interview with Maud de Rohan Willner (founder) about E.A.T for Crème Zine, here. 2020.

E.A.T was featured by The Earth Issue for their online readership, 2020.

E.A.T was featured alongside my interview with Salt & Wonder magazine, 2020.

E.A.T was featured by Artdose, India, 2020.

E.A.T was featured by Mother Tongue, UK, 2021.

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