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The Library of Babel


A publication set that works together to represent a personal reinterpretation of Louis Borge’s “Library of Babel.” Borge’s story depicts the idea of an unending library, of which Man is an imperfect librarian. This library is said to be made up of infinite hexagons. It is total, and consists of no two identical books, encompassing all the possible combinations of the alphabets. The story itself sets a theatrical tone of enigma and divinity.


Constructed through careful designing, the created publications attempt to allude to this idea of cyclical existence. Their elements have been chosen to express key concepts from the book. 


A geometric style of illustration was chosen, to keep pace with the austerity of the text. Pages filled with representations of bookshelves encourage a visual illusion of being lost in a hypnotic library. The crimson cover echoed the existence of the central, inaccessible hexagonal vestibule that contained books with images – its inaccessibility is further reflected by the images being hidden between the french folds of the book. The type throughout the books reassembles the original text, but has been rearranged to signify new meanings and interpretations. The selection of paper reflects on the lack of light in the fabled library. 

The Library of Babel was published in the 11th issue of Torchlight Journal: Libraries in Film and Literature, 2019.

The Library of Babel was spotlighted by BA GMD, LCC, UAL, 2020.

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