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Reconstructing memories


Inspired by  Freeing the Memory,1985 by Marina Abramović - where "... she recited every word of Serbian she could recall, including some in English and Dutch, until the well of words has dried and the performance is over." 

Working with the idea of "freeing" memory, and combining it with my research around time, conflict and memory... I decided to attempt mapping a distorting memory. 


My friend recently experienced an act of direct violence, and as an experiment, over the span of a month, I would ask her to repeat her story (memory) to me. I would take notes, study them and then map them. 

I then created these 4 visual responses, as an attempt to depict the change in narration and recollection with regard to the memories of the story, causality, experience, perspective and emotional upheaval. I used graphic elements to evoke a form based visual legibility rather than a text based endeavour.

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