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Why Your Nani is the Ultimate #SustainableFashion Influencer


Here’s some collage work I did recently, bringing some imagery to Kinita Shenoy's  article titled-  “Why Your Nani Is The Ultimate Sustainable Fashion Influencer” for

The Citizen, India. 

This artwork was also featured by the Remember Who Made Them collective, who are a group of concerned feminists with networks in philanthropy, climate activism, the arts and sustainable fashion.

Kinita’s piece champions the South Asian culture of up-cycling clothes and traditional hand me downs, I tried to echo that very spirit through the aesthetic of a ‘hand cut’ vintage family collage that is bold, colourful and characteristic - just like the amazing women in it. The hand drawn stitches act as embroidered embellishments that are a callback to the relentless work of garment factory workers who’s stories need to come to the forefront now.

All photographs used in the artwork displayed here, have been used with explicit consent and permission from those involved.

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