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Tiipoi - Exhibition Design, VEEM - Dutch Design Week


Tiipoi's Longpi collection of sustainable ceramic cookware, was launched and exhibited at Eindhoven for VEEM - Dutch Design Week, 2019.

Under the guidance of senior product designer Andre Pereira, I learnt how to conceptualise a designed display within restrictions of space and logistics.

Together, we were able to come up with a simple system of racking, and customised it by hand-painting the baseboards, and topping it with an acrylic sheet. We then added interactive design elements cut out into layers of vinyl, placing them between and on the boards for audience interaction.

I was tasked to create basic designed assets for the exhibit - like the A1 sized display boards and information cards for the customers to take away. I had to work within Tiipoi's established brand guidelines, but also find a way to make the display unique.

I was able to do this by establishing a visual system and language centred around a carefully selected tone of yellow, and a single strong design element.

I used the flattened conic curve of the pot form, as a relayed aesthetic throughout the visual story of Longpi. 

This conic curve was one of the many subtle yet unique elements that Wilson Astley (former product designer at Tiipoi) and Andre Pereira had conceptualised the cookware collection with. The minimal use of the conic curve helped reiterate the simplicity of Tiipoi’s design interventions - ones that simply ameliorated an existing technique of hand made production, and didn’t overpower it.

The purpose was to show the process of production, the making of the unique ceramic material itself, and showcase our tests and iterations along the way. The resultant assets worked together as an effective display that we still use for our events!

The photographs displayed are by Nishant Shukla

Please note: All the designs and assets displayed are owned solely by Tiipoi

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