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Tiipoi - Longpi packaging

(2019 - 2020)

The packaging box for the Longpi ceramic collection, along with its internal fitments were all designed by Andre Pereira. I was tasked with designing the care card and the stickers that would be placed on top of the individual product boxes.

I worked constantly under Andre’s guidance to test different sticker formats and later various layouts for the care card. Some of the sticker tests and iterations can be seen in the gallery below. It was interesting for me to imagine different ways to place the sticker against the sides of the box.

Finally, I decided on an elongated rectangular sticker that went over the top and finished on the side of the box. This design ensured the box was sealed and secured, and also split the Tiipoi logo along the edge. This splitting of the logo was a callback to Tiipoi’s pre-existent branding and assets.


The chosen colours reflected the warmth and comfort of food. They were picked to whet a sense of appetite. Keeping with the sustainability of the range, I decided with a sap green for the Karibowls as they are not to be cooked in but are still 100% biobased. 

The simple line drawings were edited and reworked from the original wireframes that Andre had created for the cookware pieces. I felt it was a wonderful reference to the designed element and upscale production techniques introduced by Tiipoi.

Care cards

The care card passed through multiple iterations. This was essential as it would be meted out to a wide audience across differences in age and nationalities.

It was designed to be understood by all.

Due to the fact that the collection was fairly unique - uncoated, and ready to use across a selection of heat sources - there were essential instructions to be communicated with regards to seasoning, storage, cleaning and usage. 

I reworked multiple versions with varying hierarchies of text, experimenting with both the legibility and readability of the content. It also became important to create simple and easily recognisable icons that could be easily comprehended.

Please note: The copy and design of the stickers and care card belong to Tiipoi, as do the final assets themselves.

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