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Visual narrative - Tiipoi's stainless steel tiipot

(2019 - 2020)

Here’s some image development and mood-boarding I did when exploring a visual narrative for Tiipoi’s teapot designed by Andre Pereira. The Tiipot having been made in stainless steel, was an exploration of the efficiency and no nonsense utility of the material, and its adapted functionality across Indian kitchens and homes. 


My tests and explorations displayed above try to evoke that very spirit of timeless nostalgia that a visit to an old coffee house or a small road side cafe in India evokes. The garish colours and exuberant saturations were chosen to tap into the vibrant and kitsch aesthetic associated with such spaces.


Stainless steel implements are ubiquitous in India. They are reliable, hardwearing, affordable and therefore accessible across a variety of experiences. Through these trials and iterations, I tried to re-contextualise that very familiarity by embracing a bold pop-art inspired style.


I experimented with grid-based layered prints ideas and developed repeating patterns which interestingly revealed some almost typographic elements appearing through the playful renders.

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